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Your Road Safety Guide

Around large vehicles, there are areas where drivers of smaller vehicles must be more attentive because inappropriate actions in these spaces can have hazardous consequences. These areas are referred to as caution zones.

Safe driving requires keeping a space in front of your vehicle that's sufficient to permit visibility, allow you to anticipate the need to stop, or take other evasive action; and respond accordingly.

Blind spots are areas where a driver's view is restricted and they exist on the left and right sides of a vehicle, and directly behind any vehicle where the driver does not have a rear window.

When you pass a large vehicle, always take a good look ahead and in your mirrors. Make your intentions clear by using your turn signals, then move deliberately and smoothly.

Never attempt to pass inside a large vehicle that's about to make a right turn. The space between the curb and a vehicle making the right turn is a caution zone you must stay out of.

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