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The Five-Star Traveller's Greek Islands Experience Order Now!
Many journey in search of adventure their entire lives. However, for a select and knowledgeable few, the journey IS the adventure

Many journey in search of adventure their entire lives. However, for a select and knowledgeable few, the journey IS the adventure.

Let us take you on an unforgettable odyssey to the Greek Islands and Turkey aboard one of the true sailing cruise ships of our time, The Star Clipper's Star Flyer.

Whether you're an armchair Adventurer or a sophisticated and seasoned traveler choosing your net destination, you'll enjoy sailing with us on this idyllic quest.

En route, explore some of the most enchanting islands of the region, including Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, Samos, Patmos, and more. Stroll among the enticing shops and markets and cafes inside the fortress walls of Rhodes Town. Take a cable car or a donkey ride to the cliff tops of Santorini, explore Fira, the town built along the rim of the volcano, and have lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking your ship anchored hundreds of feet below. Dine at an intimate street café in the old town of Mykonos, where the seafood is fresh off the local fishing boats. Visit the many Gold shops, and try to resist unbelievable exquisite pieces, crafted by some of the most talented goldsmiths in the world.

Visit a centuries-old monastery perched atop the cliffs of Patmos. Enjoy a sojourn into Turkey to explore the markets of Bodrum and near Kusadasi, the archaeological site of Ephesus, where one stood the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

And when day is done, retire to the comfort of your accommodation aboard the Star Flyer. Dine at your leisure, when and with whom you wish. Relax at the bar with a cool drink and toast the setting sun. You may participate in the sailing activities, even steer the ship, or simply lounge beside one of the two pools with a good book from the ship's exquisite library. Chat with the Captain about the next day's landfall and special sights to see ashore, or if you're an early riser, have a coffee and watch the sun come up with the duty officer in the pilothouse while over 30,000 square feet of sail billow against the blue sky above.

This tall ship transports us, not just to your next Aegean port of call, but into another dimension.

Approximate running time: 25 minutes
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