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The Five-Star Traveller's Beijing China Experience Order Now!
Many journey in search of adventure their entire lives. However, for a select and knowledgeable few, the journey IS the adventure

Come with us on an unforgettable tour of Beijing with the HOTSHOTS camera team.

Whether you're an armchair adventurer or a sophisticated and seasoned traveler choosing your next destination, you'll be captivated by this amazing journey.

A majestic city, Beijing is the Capital city of China and gateway to a country steeped in the tradition of centuries.

Explore the majesty of the Forbidden City, the awe-inspiring Great Wall, the Emperor's Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven, experience the irresistible aromas of BBQ Street, shop for international designer fashions, investigatee 'Silk Street' and search for treasures at the Weekend Market.

There's something for everyone!.

Join us on a Chinese odyssey to experience the sights, sounds and flavours of this great cit, for this adventure is just what awaits you at this extraordinary destination.

Approximate running time: 25 minutes
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