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Revealed for the first time, the inner secrets of a World Class Zoo.

Finally, everything you've always wanted to know about what goes on behind those doors marked "Staff Only".

Share special moments with the VETS as they care for a wide variety of animals from TIGERS and ELEPHANTS to ANT EATERS and BATS.

Discover how SPECIAL EXHIBITS are prepared for the public, from KOALAS and CHINESE PANDAS to DINOSAURS and DEEP SEA MONSTERS.

Observe KEEPERS caring for BABY ANIMALS that need special attention.

Watch in amazement as extraordinary INSECTS are captured by our macro lens. From SPIDERS to BUTTERFLIES.

Wave goodbye to a young INDIAN RHINO as it leaves for a new home.

Learn why "COMPUTER DATING" is important for animals and how it works.

See where a MILLION KILOGRAMS OF ANIMAL FOOD is prepared each year. Witness the commitment of EVERYONE who makes a difference BEHIND THE SCENEDS.

Once you've seen ZOO SECRETS, your next visit to the ZOO will be even more rewarding.

Approximate running time: 30 minutes
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