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Seascapes - Your Private Ocean Order Now!
The magic of macro photography at its best, this extraordinary sequel to Ocean Reef Cayman has been shot entirely in salt water aquariums.

Incredible close-ups, breathtaking color, and a sweeping musical score, all combine to transport you into the realm of the aquarium reef for a half hour of non-stop delight in Seascapes.

Visit with deadly Lionfish, magnificent Mandarins, colorful Clowns, golden Seahorses, amusing Blennies, industrious Gobies, intriguing Octopus, and countless other inhabitants of the world's ocean reefs.

Observe the intricate mannerisms and indescribable beauty of a wide variety of Corals and Anemones, as well as the unique creatures that inhabit them.

Seascapes will be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, many times over.

Unspoiled by unnecessary dialogue, Seascapes is ideal to settle back and relax with, or play it while you entertain friends of family.

Closed Captioning permits lifeform species identification at your option.

Approximate running time: 30 minutes
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