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"Ocean Reef" will take you on a breathtaking adventure beneath the ocean, to explore a magnificent undersea paradise teeming with beautiful and unusual sea life, set to a captivating music score and narration.
  • Be engulfed by Stingrays
  • Glide across the living reefs with Trumpetfish on patrol
  • Enjoy endless varieties of coral sponges, and huge sea fans
  • Cruise lazily with Angelfish as they journey through their magical world
  • From Four-eyed and Banded Butterflyfish, to Grouper, Parrotfish and Squirrelfish, to a tiny Shrimp and much more, "Ocean Reef" will bring you countless hours of pleasure.
This video cassette also comes with a life form identification card, for quick use anywhere   See the card

Approximate running time: 30 minutes
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